West Texas Rehab Center Needs Support

They are asking for your support to help West Texans suffering from physical or developmental disabilities, receive out patient care.

Each year 23,000 children and adults from West Texas receive services including physical, speech,and hearing therapy under the same roof at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.

With the goal of improving the quality of life for all in need patients are accepted regardless of financial situation.

21 month old Cameron Wade of Abilene was born 13 weeks early and suffered from a severe head bleed.

His mother Dani Wade says, "The whole entire staff was shocked that Cameron had one much less the highest grade which is the grade four head bleed."

Cameron's developmental progress is slower than most children his age and twice a week he receives speech and motor skill therapy at the rehab center.

"It's nice that it's all in one place and he comes in and even some of the therapists that's not his they pick at him play with him and stuff."

The availability of a variety of services is what the rehabilitation center prides itself on.

President and CEO Woody Gilliland says, "Well I think the best example of comprehensive services is a stroke patient for example. The person is going to require physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in most cases and they can come to the rehab center and receive all those services in one trip."

Because of access to a variety of treatment, Dani Wade is optimistic about Cameron's future.

"Hopefully by the time he starts kindergarten he'll be on the same level as other children and he won't have to worry about being behind."

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