Amarillo Helps Fund New Traffic Light at Dangerous Intersection

It's a place where cars turning under 20 miles per hour meet with others going 60 miles an hour or more on loop 335.

And now it will get a traffic signal to slow down speeders, and keep people safe.

As Amarillo continues to grow and accidents continued to mount, City Commissioners decided Tuesday it was finally time for a traffic signal at the dangerous intersection of Hillside and Soncy.

Soon the red flashing lights on Hillside will soon be accompanied by yellow and green ones, and the Amarillo Commissioners are hoping it means this dangerous intersection will become safe once again.

"Traffic out there is faster than it is in the center of the city. And we've had some major accidents out there and we need to slow things down," said Commissioner Brian Eades.

One man learned that all too well over the weekend.

His truck was rear-ended by an ambulance, and totaled.

He says the city has not acted fast enough to ensure public safety.

But the city says TxDOT is responsible.

"Normally when TxDOT has a thoroughfare like that, and this belongs to Texas, they are responsible for all of the new changes and upgrades at lights and intersections," said Commissioner Eades.

But this has become such a hazard, the city decided to help with the costs.

They are paying $50 thousand for the equipment to help TxDOT expedite the process.

The entire project will cost about $500 thousand.

It's expected the traffic lights will begin working in three to four months.