Soldiers Come Home

21 soldiers returned home to the Panhandle today. Kim Martindale's husband G.J. Has been in Iraq since November of 07. He came home tonight with his mission 100% completed.

Srt. Martindale is in the army reserve in Amarillo. Kim didn't know that he was coming until 2 days ago. The unit thought they were going to California, instead ,a big surprise home to Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.

Kim tells the buzz that they were married when he came home on his last leave.  She is so excited that her husband is home.

The USAR 974th Quartermaster Company changed their patches tonight with a ceremony.

The families and solders want the public to know there is good work being done. The rally was sponsored by America Supports you Texas.

The looks on all the families face were priceless.