Water Protect Problems

Rob Malena, Local Landscaper
Rob Malena, Local Landscaper

New water protection regulations are costing jobs and decreasing property values according to local landscapers.

Starting this month, a new home sprinkler system will almost double in price.

That's because of added requirements from the texas commission on environmental quality.

Local landscapers say this added cost is causing people not to buy at a time when their businesses need the revenue the most.

"When new homes are going good, than our business is good. With the slow down we've seen lately, it couldn't have been a worst time for them to come in and implement all these changes." Rob Malena, a local landscaper says.

Local realtors also warn poorly landscaped houses without sprinkler systems could decrease property values of an entire neighborhood.

The state argues the main benefit of the regulations is preventing sprinklers from turning on when it's been raining or the temperature is below freezing.