8-Liner Gambling Ring Broken Up by Six Law Enforcement Agencies

Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney
Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney

Over $150 thousand is confiscated in what's being called the break up of one of the city's largest underground gambling operations.

The money is only part of what officers report finding this weekend.

So far three men have been arrested, and it's expected at least half a dozen more people could be charged for running an illegal 8-liner club out of this old Toot-N-Totum.

Investigators say they received tips from neighbors and even gamblers about this facility and claim as many as 100 people participating in illegal gambling on some nights.

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says this is one of the larger gambling sites in Amarillo.

"That place was packed certainly during the weekend and often during week days," said Brumley. "Three double rows of 8-liners and there were probably six or seven 8-liners in each row."

A search warrant was granted on Saturday after a year long investigation.

And Sunday five facilities were raided for evidence.

Along with the cash, investigators report finding drugs, stolen guns, electronics and cars.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Amarillo Police, and the Potter and Randall County Sheriff Offices all assisted with the search warrant.

The immigration status of at least one of the three men arrested is in question.