Poor Economy Giving Way to More Local Businesses

The US unemployment rate is at it's highest in more than a decade, and analysts say Texans should brace for a very rough job market in 2009.

Many local residents are trying to turn that negative into something positive... Both for themselves and the community.  More people than ever before are deciding to cut their losses with big companies and become their own bosses. This should put some perspective on just how many people are starting their own business... The Small Business Development Center says they have seen twelve months worth of activity in just the past three months.

The folks we spoke with at Crush Wine Bar and at The Fudge Lady in Amarillo say it was time to take their future into their own hands in this unstable economy. PJ Pronger at the SBDC is not surprised hundreds of others are doing the same thing. "When a financial crisis comes it presents opportunity at the same time. If I had to say one thing I'd say that people are sensing opportunity and they're trying to find a way to capitalize on that. In the last 30 days I've probably seen more good business ideas than in recent memory. "