Wellington Assault, Possible Kidnapping

A 9-1-1 call lead several agencies on a four hour search for a possible kidnapping suspect in Wellington.

Now that suspect sits in jail.

The Collingsworth County Sheriff's Office received the call around 5am Sunday.

It came in response to an alleged aggravated assault with possibility of shots fired and kidnapping.

Collingsworth County Sheriff Joe Stewart says a man ran is pick-up repeatedly into the pick-up of two other people, destroying theirs.

The man then reportedly fired shots, and forced the two people into his truck.

Stewart says, "After four hours or so we located the vehicle then we located the people. Made apprehensions, everybody is ok we do have 1 in custody."

The Sheriff says because the investigation is still underway, they will not release any names.

They did charge the suspect with two counts of aggravated assault, and he could face more charges.

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