Granting Wishes in Troubled Times

The Make a Wish Foundation of the Texas Plains is counting more money than usual this evening after hosting one of its most successful chili cook offs.

Hundreds of people crowded the Rex Baxter Building at the Tri-State Fair Grounds today.

The low admission price, just two dollars for all the chili you can eat, is why event goers say the cook off was the most economical way to spend their Saturday.

For Janice and Wayne Weavers, enjoying chili while helping the Make a Wish Foundation was an easy choice.

Janice Weaver says, "There's a hundred things we coulda done and I said why don't we go out there and we're gonna run into people we know. It's inexpensive two dollars. Where you gonna spend two dollars and eat all day?"

The chili cook off has grown over the years but this year's large turn out was a welcomed surprise.

Co-Director of the event Vickie Childers says, "When we started we may have had 30 cooks and maybe 150 people that attended and as you can see today theres more than 100 cooks and probably 3,000 people."

Childers says in today's financially tough times, event organizers tried to make the cook off as affordable as possible.

"With our economy the way it is the wishes and the illnesses and the diseases of these kids doesn't go away."

Says Weaver, "I even paid extra. Five dollars to get both our cups. We've been here all day we ate like pigs and we're having a great time."

The Make a Wish Foundation hopes to grant a couple of wishes with the money raised at today's cook off.

Each wish costs between 4 and 7 thousand dollars.