Rating System Gets Schools, Districts Off The Hook

Dr. Rod Schroder, AISD Superintendent
Dr. Rod Schroder, AISD Superintendent

Schools and districts will be spared the dreaded "unacceptable" rating under a new plan just approved.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools and districts will now get credit for those students who fail state exams - like the TAKS test - in reading and math,provided those students are on track to pass in the future.

It is called a student growth model.  It measures how much a student has improved during the school year.

Dr. Rod Schroder, AISD Superintendent, says "that growth will be recognized and if it is good enough, the campus will get credit for that student."

But it could also go the other way.

CISD's Melissa Shaver says, "you do have to show more than what's usually expected in a year's growth, and it could count against you."

Still, the model has skeptics wondering why there would be a need for an exam at all.  To that, districts say they still need some kind of set standard for measuring other areas.

Texas is one of 15 states approved by the education secretary to use the model.

Texas Senator Kel Seliger of aAmarillo this afternoon and he says he supports this kind of model.  In fact, the legislature is looking at adopting a similar type this session, which starts Tuesday.