Digital Television Transition Could Be Pushed Back

Linda Pitner, General Manager KACV
Linda Pitner, General Manager KACV

President-elect Barack Obama's transition team wants to push it back the digital TV transition even though it's only 39 days away.

The President's team says there are many problems mounting as we approach the digital transition.

Problems a local station has seen first hand.

KACV, the PBS station run out of Amarillo College, has been teaching classes around the Panhandle about this transition.

But their grass roots effort may not be enough.

"There's generally lots of questions and lots of phone calls people want to know more and there are a lot of that are not ready," said Linda Pitner, the General Manager of KACV.

KACV says people are not ready because they lack the necessary information.

But there are other problems.

The Bush Administration announced this week that the coupon program to help consumers buy digital boxes has run out of money.

Pitner says procrastination is another problem that you just can not plan for.

"I think human nature we're never ready till someone makes us do something like this," said Pitner.

While there are many digital television issues, local Congressman Mac Thornberry says there are bigger problems the government needs to deal with.

In a statement to NewsChannel 10 Congressman Thornberry says, "While stranger things have happened, I do not believe congress is likely to commit floor time in both houses... To pass an extension bill."

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