Offenders Cut Deals in Sex Crime Cases, D.A.: Justice Still Served

Robert Love, Assistant Criminal D.A. for Randall County
Robert Love, Assistant Criminal D.A. for Randall County

Half of the offenders in sex crimes in Randall County go to jail and the other half go on probation.

A sex crime is traumatizing enough for victims, and for those involving children the pain may be worse by putting that child on the stand. That's why some offenders are getting deals.

In 2008, Randall County worked about 40 sex crimes, 50 percent of offender received probation.

But officials say when it comes to a child.. Few get probation, many end up with plea deals for reduced sentences.

Officials say it's not really a "deal" for offenders.

Robert Love, Assistant Criminal D.A. for Randall County says, "Doesn't mean they are getting away Scott free. I've plead cases to the maximum, life in prison, and I have plead to probation in child abuse. It depends on the circumstances or the context."

If it's an aggravated offense or 3G as it's called. The offender must serve at least half of their sentence.

Officials say it's important to impose justice and not pain.

Randall Co. District Attorney, James Farren, says, "The most difficult thing for the prosecution is to produce sufficient evidence in the courtroom to obtain a conviction and yet at the same time not revictimize the child."

Victims span the child age range from 0 to 16 years old.

These days officials are seeing more of them.

"I think we have seen a steady increase in the number of cases in the last 14 years. I'm not sure if that means there are more offenders out there.. I think it means our society our community has done a better job of letting children know what is right and what is not right." Love says.

While there is more awareness, not everyone will speak up.

"If we are aware of one victim, then I assure you there are multiple victims probably at least 8-10 victims that we don't know about, that we will never know about." Farren says.

If you know a child or adult being victimized, you have to turn that information in before any justice, no matter the sentence, can be served.

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