Fugitive File: Santos Rodriguez, Jr.

A convicted sex offender is flying under police radar after failing to register with the Department of Public Safety.

The warrant claims he has violent tendencies, which police say makes this fugitive a high priority.

And they hope you can help them round him up, as we open our Fugitive File.   Take a close look at Santos Rodriguez, Jr.

He is wanted by Pardons and Paroles for not registering as a sex offender.  Corporal Sean Slover of Amarillo CrimeStoppers says, "he has an original charge of indecency with a child, he is a very high priority for us."

Especially since his victim was 16 years old.  Slover says, "we need to get him off the streets."

They also want two others off the streets.  Slover says, "Tuan Nguyen is wanted for aggravated robbery and a dangerous drugs warrant. And we're still looking for Jeffery Utter for robbery and aggravated assault."

While they run from police, two fugitives have been captured.  Sean Spears turned himself in last week and Paul Bonner was recently arrested.

If you have any information on this fugitive or the others still on the run, you are asked to call 374-4400 or send an email or text message to CrimeStoppers through their website www.amapolice.org.