Two Die from Strep Throat in Clovis

Dr. Robert Timmons
Dr. Robert Timmons
Pharmacist David Lansford
Pharmacist David Lansford

The deaths of two Curry County residents and the hospitalization of another are the result of a severe strain of strep throat.

In the span of one week, three residents were admitted at the Clovis Regional Medical Center.

Both an eight-month-pregnant, 23-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man died of the strep throat infection and another 58-year-old man is receiving treatment at a Lubbock hospital.

Dr. Robert Timmons says he has never seen a cluster of the strep throat infection quite like this.

"The rapidity of this is the critical thing. So that makes one more cautious when looking for things that may not be quite in mind," says Timmons.

To help prevent contracting the illness avoid unnecessary contact with others especially those with the infection.

Dr. Timmons says hand washing and not sharing drinking or eating utensils is critical.

Pharmacist David Lansford says it is also important to avoid contact from you hands to your eyes.

If you have a sore throat that keeps getting worse for more than four to five days seek medical attention.

There is no home remedy and there is no remedy at the pharmacy. Only the doctor is the answer to cure the infection.

Strep throat can also be accompanied by a fever, weakness and a drop in blood pressure.

Timmons says he believes this strain of strep is new to the County, and it may be gone as soon as it came in.

If you have any concerns about the infection contact your physician.