More Teens Choosing to Forgo Adoption

Texas boasts one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation, and more of those teen moms are opting to keep their baby.

Nationwide, including the Texas Panhandle, adoption rates are at their lowest ever, with fewer than two percent of pregnant girls choosing to go that route. Catholic Family Services says they think part of the reason teens are choosing to keep their child is because there is not the teen pregnancy stigma there once was. Perhaps another reason... Teen pregnancy is often glamorized in the media, with more and more young, unwed movie stars having children.

Adoption Supervisor Holly Campidilli says, "these babies still cry, they still get sick, they still need formula, they still need diapers, and a lot of teens and single parents aren't in the situations that these stars are in with a lot of resources, so definitely I think they're seeing the positive." The latest teen birth rate numbers we have are from 2006, but in that year, there were 63 births for every 1000 women, between the ages of 15 and 19.