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Odometer Rollbacks Rising

Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau
Sabrina Ozment, Title Clerk Sabrina Ozment, Title Clerk

Texas ranks second in the country for cars identified with odometer fraud and that trend is steadily hitting Amarillo. Con-men are finding new ways to tamper and change the mileage on cars, not only on analog but digital odometers.

Odometer rollbacks have increased 57% nationwide with more than 450,000 odometer rollbacks are reported annually. Experts believe digital odometers are easier to manipulate than analog because of the use of computers. They say it's harder for the consumer to detect.

Experts say details in the paperwork is what can prevent you from buying a bogus vehicle.  Janna Kiehl with the "Better Business Bureau" says consumers have to be cautious. "There is always someone creating something to cheat someone else unfortunately don't think it's an easy process. I don't think it's an easy process. I think it is more common than most people expect, " Kiehl said.

Title clerk Sabrina Ozment says people could prevent being taken advantage by just checking the paper work. "Check the back of your title the front of the title. They have the odometer reading at the last time of last transaction. If it looks in question. I would definitely question it, she said.

If you still have questions on the legality of your car purchase take your car to an expert. "Buyer take a car to a mechanic to have it totally checked out, Kiehl advises.

Experts believe if you don't double check your car and paperwork you could be paying the price later on. Anyone selling or offering to sell a vehicle with an odometer that has been adjusted to show a lower mileage is considered a felony.

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