One Man Dead, Another on the Loose

Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes
Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes

An alleged home invasion burglary turns into homicide, and now some question why the home was targeted and if violence will break out again.

22 year old Daniel Bartlett and an accomplice reportedly came armed to burglarize a home in the 41 hundred block of Hughes street.

And once they allegedly broke down the door, the owner of the house took aim, firing several shots at the men.

Bartlett was hit and stumbled to the front yard where he died.

The other man took off. Some neighbors worry about the crime on their streets.

This was the scene as the sun rose Wednesday morning.

As officials continue to gather evidence, neighbors voice concerns and hope for a quick resolution.

Elizabeth, who lives on the street says, "It's scary, really scary."

Another neighbor, Jessie, says, "Over the past month, there have been a few of break ins around in this neighborhood. I have been told, just within a couple of blocks, about four houses, and within a couple of days. There has been a lot of activity, especially at the house where all the drama was at today."

Officials are also questioning why the two men living in the house were targets of so many break-ins.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes says, "We have the one robbery that was reported December 13th by a neighbor, but during our interview we were told they were a victim of another robbery than in the last two or three days of the month they were a victim of a armed robbery. And the second two they didn't report to police."

The two residents of the home have been questioned and released for the time being. Lt. Trupe says they will present the case to the Randall county d-a to see if this is justifiable homicide.

The man who ran from the scene is wanted, if you know where he is, officials ask you call CrimeStoppers at 374-4400.

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