Preventing Oral Cancer

Clinton Esler, DDS
Clinton Esler, DDS

Oral cancer kills one American every hour ... And that number is on the rise.

But dentists have two new non-invasive methods for early detection.

The first is a light that shines through your mouth cells allowing dentists to look for any abnormalities.

The other is a mouth swab.

It will take a sample of cells that can be sent to the lab to determine if anything is cancerous.

Dentists say they're always on the lookout for warning signs, but if you don't ask for the tests, it's likely you won't get them.

That's because insurance won't always cover their four hundred dollar costs.

50 percent of people diagnosed with oral cancer won't live past five years.

That's why if you see any white or red spots lasting longer than two weeks or unexplained blood - experts say you need to see a doctor immediately.