Central Fire Station Ready for $2 Million Upgrade

Fire Chief, Steve Ross, Amarillo Fire Department
Fire Chief, Steve Ross, Amarillo Fire Department

The busiest fire station in Amarillo will be getting an upgrade that directly affects your safety.

Nearly two million dollars will be spent to add two new truck bays, renovate the living quarters and provide separate facilities for men and woman.

We took a walk through the station to give you a better idea of what is going up and coming down.

*bedrooms will become cubicles with three beds each.

- now, because of shift changes, no one will have to share their rooms with others.

*these 50 year old fire poles are staying..

One will now be positioned in a hallway, the other in the men's quarters, and the final one outside the woman's locker room.

*the kitchen will be updated with the latest equipment.

*new garage doors will allow for larger fire trucks..

Including one with a 107 ft ladder.

That can reach 5 stories.

Import because a lot of apartments in town require a reach over the parking area's to get to a third story window.

While renovations are being made, all equipment and personnel will move to 6th and Jackson where they will work out of a storage building. Officials say this will not affect response time.

The project is expected to be completed before next Christmas.