New Hyundai Ad: Too Good to be True?

Paul Harpole, Chandler Ford/Hyundai
Paul Harpole, Chandler Ford/Hyundai
Chris Neilsen, Car Buyer
Chris Neilsen, Car Buyer

With car sales expected to hit record lows this year, car dealers are starting to offer unprecedented deals.

These days, car dealers are pulling out all the stops.

First it was a 100,000 mile warranty, then it was lock in your gas prices at $2.99.

And now this, pick out any one of the cars in a Hyundai car lot, and if you lose your job within a year, bring it right back here to the Hyundai dealership for free, without hurting your credit.

It sounds too good to be true, but as I found out, the company that claims it has your back, really does.

The commercial, which started running on Monday, starts out with "This is a car commercial but it's not about cars. It's about the people who buy them."

People like Chris Nielsen, who can turn in his brand new Hyundai Accent at anytime in 2009.

Paul Harpole at John Chandler Ford/Hyundai says "If you lose your job involuntarily, if you get disabled, if you lose your driver's license, if you're transferred out."

Nielsen is impressed with the offer. "Wow. That's all I can say."

In an unprecedented move, and perhaps a true sign of the times, Hyundai is basing their own stability on one of the most unstable things out there, the economy.

Harpole says he sees people come into the dealership all the time and "say I'm just not sure about my job. I'm just not sure if mom's going to be sick and I'm going to need to spend some money there and I'm just not sure. So you're trying to take that just not sure out of it and give some people some assurance."

We went out to the car lot to see how the whole thing breaks down. "It will pay up to $7,500 dollars in negative equity." As long as you have made at least two car payments, you qualify.

The one catch is that if you owe more than $7500 dollars in negative equity, you will have to pay the difference.