TxDOT Wants $313B

Greg Koss, Trucker
Greg Koss, Trucker
Kenneth Petr, Transportation Planner
Kenneth Petr, Transportation Planner

Three hundred thirteen billion dollars.

It's not another government bailout.

It's how much money TxDOT says they need over the next twenty-one years.

If granted, 17 billion dollars of that would go to rural areas like the panhandle.

Uncharted lands, pot holes and cracked streets --- all areas tex-dot wants to improve in with the money.

Better roads can help keep crashes like this from happening. TxDOT estimates the money would save one hundred thirty-seven lives in rural areas and prevent 2 thousand two hundred and twelve possible injuries by 20-30.

They say it would also send more than 91 billion dollars into rural economies through tax revenues and business savings.

But the bottom line...

It's likely the Texas legislature will not give TxDOT every thing they ask for.

If they did, it would almost triple their current annual budget.