Veterans Seek Financial Help

According to the Department for Veteran Affairs, the number of veterans seeking financial help has doubled in our area.

The Amarillo VA Hospital has seen an increase in the number of veterans applying for benefits because they are falling below the means test threshold. But for those that do not meet this criteria, there is another source of help.

"Veterans that come here to volunteer, they have created a fund, with which we can help other veterans that do not meet the other benefit packages as a veteran," said Maxine Brandon, VA Hospital's Social Work Executive.

It's called the social problem fund. The money helps veterans buy groceries, fill their gas tank or pay utilities.

Allocations are given based on the need of the individual. Recently, they have had to use the fund more than ever before because of the large volume of veteran's needing help.

"Over the summer months in particular we were being hit everyday for help," she said. "And this fund was able to make a difference for those veterans."

Brandon says anyone can contribute to the fund and all donations are dedicated to helping veterans through these hard economic times.