Shocking New Veteran Suicide Rates

More veterans than ever are finding it harder to deal with the mental effects of war and choosing to commit suicide.

The situation has become so bad over the past year that the VA Hospital in Amarillo started a suicide prevention program. Surprisingly, it's not just the young men and women coming back from combat in the middle east who are being affected.

The VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator tells me she sees people of all ages walk through her doors... Everyone from eighteen year olds who just got off the plane from Iraq to World War II vets in their nineties. Regardless of age, the number of them on the verge of ending their own lives is staggering.

Rita Sandoval says, "we have actually admitted fifty veterans for suicide into the pavilion or in-patient psych. We have had two suicides and about twelve suicide attempts and this is just within the last quarter."Monday kicks off the National VA Suicide Prevention Campaign, complete with public service announcements letting veterans know there is not any shame in asking for help.