Overpopulation of Deer Hitting Potter Co. Sheriff Office

The population of deer around the Panhandle has become and increasing problem.

But one local sheriff's office is having a particularly hard time dealing with deer.

"The water's getting less for them out in the wild, the city is expanding, so they're loosing habitat and they're coming more into the city limits. And with the county we're out there anyway," said Sheriff Brian Thomas.

The Potter County Sheriff's Department has been hit particularly hard, literally.

Two squad cars are in the shop because deer have run in front of deputies on patrol.

"One was about 52 hundred worth of damage and the other about 2700 worth of damage so it's something we can fix it just takes time," said Sheriff Thomas.

The sheriff's department was already short on cars to begin with.

And now the parking lot sits practically vacant.

And even though the Sheriff has only been in office for two days he's already looking into ways to deal with the deer problem.

One solution may be deer deterring whistles.

"We've got some new cars fixing to come in and we talked about it Friday, we're going to outfit all of them and put them on all the bumpers. Like I said it can't hurt to at least try them and see what happens," said Sheriff Thomas who added, It's better to spend a few dozen dollars on devices to scare off deer than a few thousand fixing cars.