One-of-a-Kind Jail in Childress

Childress County Sheriff Michael Pigg
Childress County Sheriff Michael Pigg

The Texas Panhandle is home to a one of a kind jail. The new facility in Childress is raising the bar for jails across the state. NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos took an exclusive tour inside the new facility with Childress County Sheriff Michael Pigg.

The one of a kind features start from the moment you walk through the front door. One of the biggest safety features in the building is the booking pit. It allows the inmates to sit down low in a centralized location. A safety feature because that way jail workers never have to turn their back to the prisoners.

Our next stop, The jail cells themselves, where we found the single biggest thing that makes this jail stand out from any other in the state. "Every cell each has it's own individual shower." Sheriff Pigg says they chose to build the jail that way for two reasons. "The inmates will keep those showers cleaner because they are their own and the inmates are less likely to be attacked in their own shower."

Inmates will be eating food cooked in a kitchen that rivals ones found in many upscale restaurants. With all of these features aimed at making life easier for inmates, the obvious question is. Why do all of this for people who have broken the law?

"A lot of people housed here are innocent, because it's a pre-trial detention facility so by law we are required to provide things you won't find in prison, and the reason for that is that you are innocent until proven guilty in the United States."

Perhaps the best part of the deal for Childress residents is that the building blends in with their community. "The outside of this facility doesn't look like a jail, it looks like an office building. It's very neighborhood friendly."

The jail is to house 96 inmates, who are expected to move in sometime late this week or early next week. The Sheriff says he's hoping to house a large amount of women, since there is a shortage of places for them across the state.