$7 Million Childless Jail Opens

It's the only jail like it in the entire state and it just opened this weekend in Childress. NewsChannel 10 took a tour of the new jail. It costs just over $7million to build and will house 96 inmates.

Among other safety features, the thing that stands out about this jail and makes it different than any other in the state is that each cell has a private shower. Childress had to get special permission from the state to put showers in every cell.

This jail will replace the 70-year old facility that is currently in use. Sheriff Michael Pigg says Childress was more than ready for this new facility, and it might even become a money making venture for the area.

"We've reached the point in our growth where it was time for a new jail and now instead of paying somewhere else to house extra inmates, now we can have other people here and charge to house them."

Inmates are expected to move in sometime late this week or early next week.