Texas legislators will push new immigration laws

DALLAS (AP) - Some state lawmakers want to revive the immigration debate in the Legislature.

They're proposing more than a dozen bills for next year's session that, among other things, would punish employers for hiring unauthorized workers. Others would challenge the U.S. citizenship of immigrants' U.S-born children and reverse a Texas law that allows undocumented college students to pay in-state tuition.

Other bills filed for the 2009 Legislature would require public schools to

Maintain records on students' immigration status.

Impose a fee on money wired to Latin America.

Require identification from voters at the polls.

Prohibit parole for illegal immigrants.

Create a state criminal trespassing charge for illegal immigrants enforced by local police.

Several of the proposals are similar to ones introduced in the last session but failed to make it out of committee because they were considered unconstitutional.