Internet is Tops For Job Seekers and Employers

Jill Dana, McDonald's Owner Operator
Jill Dana, McDonald's Owner Operator
Brandon Clavel, McDonald's Director of Marketing
Brandon Clavel, McDonald's Director of Marketing

Traditional help wanted ads are a thing of the past for many local employers.

Local job posting websites say they are getting more clicks and employers are taking notice. The Internet is the top resource for college graduates but employers tell me they are online receiving applications from all generations in the workforce.

Since McDonald's Owner Operator Jill Dana put her restaurant's job applications online, she says interest has spiked.

"Last year 80% of our applicants came through the Internet. It's been going up each year."

But finding qualified applicants for upper level positions is more difficult. McDonald's Director of Marketing Brandon Clavel says, "We get alot of applicants but alot of them tend to maybe fizzle out or not the quality we prefer. We hold a high standard for our managers."

Its the stereotype that the only jobs available are the ones you see in the front is why Dana says its difficult to fill some positions.

"It takes a whole team effort to run one of these little restaurants. There's alot of people behind the scenes that our customers never see. It's another great benefit of the internet. We are able to highlight those stories, highlight those careers."

McDonald's is looking at using more technology like iPods and text messaging in the near future.

Another advantage to using the internet is the ability to post links for applicants who speak languages other than English.