Sticking to Your Resolution

Gyms in Amarillo are packed during this time of the year with new members and current members, who trying to keep their new year's resolution.

But the rush won't last long. Personal trainers at Gold's Gym say the gym will quiet down in two months, as people lose interest and fall out of their routine.

"It's in their mind set for a little while, and then it fades away as they get tired of it. Their workouts are the same and things of that sort," said Damon Seymour, Gold's Gym personal trainer.

Getting in shape, like other resolutions, run the risk of failing if you don't make it serious commitment.

But keeping your resolution doesn't have to end quickly. Just as with working out, you want to take it easy at the beginning and tackle one thing at a time.

Also, finding a source of motivation can help you speed through your resolution. It can be a friend that has a common goal, or even pen and paper.

"Writing down what you are going to do for the day it's going to make sure you hit everything you need to do," Seymour said. "So throw on the list, I'm going to go the gym for half an hour [...] put ten dollars in the bank account, don't spend it on anything."

Seymour also says the best way to stick to your resolution is to create building blocks along the way.

"Challenge yourself. Give yourself goals to work on so that you have something to follow up on, something to give you a reason to keep coming back," he said.

You also want to make sure your goals are realistic and give yourself plenty of time to achieve them.