Former Amarillo "Swingers Club" Member Shares Story

The owners of a downtown establishment are being accused by local church members of hosting "swingers" parties.

The former member asking to be called "Ryan" says behind the doors couples engage in sexual behavior with several different partners.

He says the club has been in this location for several years hosting swingers parties for guests who travel from as far away as Dallas.

Former Route 66 Swingers Club member "Ryan" says the swinger parties are a chance to meet people with a similar lifestyle.

"You go in and see people drinking, talking, getting to know each other. It's not like a big massive orgy like people think."

Ryan says there is a dance floor and three rooms where party goers are encouraged to become intimate.  "There's been an Asian room, I've seen a bondage room."

"Ryan" says there is no alcohol sold or drug use inside the building. "I do know that they've sold toys, gifts, stuff like that, novelties."

The owners of the establishment tell us in a written statement there is nothing illegal going on in the building.

They say it is a place for like minded adults to meet and socialize without judgement.

The City of Amarillo says it is unaware of any illegal activity. The protesters say they plan to continuing demonstrating each time there is a party until the doors are shut for good.