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Health and Fitness Resolutions

McKensey O' Grady, Avid Exerciser McKensey O' Grady, Avid Exerciser
Josh Lowe, Fitness Trainer Josh Lowe, Fitness Trainer

Saving money and staying fit are two of the most popular resolutions this year. January is a prime opportunity for sign-up specials and a few personal trainer lessons. However, a gym membership can be a costly piece of unused paper sitting in a wallet because many join, but never use it.  

Mckenzie O'Grady has made working out a part of her daily lifestyle. "Once it becomes integrated in your lifestyle. You feel more healthy more whole," O'Grady said.

Not everyone is like O'Grady, trainers say more than half of the people that sign up at the first of the year don't follow through. Trainer Josh Lowe says consistency is the key to saving your money and resolution. "Keep going. Consistency, turn it into a habit. If you don't give it enough time its not going to stick with you. You have to give it plenty of time enough time to see results.

Small steps such as group workouts, weights and using equipment are all it takes to see a return on your investment. Not only for your pocket book but your health. Trainers say most people don't stick around long enough to see the results. They say, typically it takes 90-days for people to see results. "Sticking with the program. It's a great investment to have but yes you will lose money if you don't stick with it," Lowe said.

Avid exerciser Mckenzie O'Grady agrees, "It is a cost effective positive way to make a change 4736 4604 realize you are making an investment for your health for your lifestyle it's not just a vanity issue. Bring a friend someone who can keep you motivated and accountable".

Being accountable saving thousands of dollars in diets, gym memberships and trainers.   All a part of the other top goal of saving money for 2009.



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