Establishment Owners Repond to Protesters

The owners of a downtown Amarillo establishment are responding to protesters who say they are running a swingers club.

"Swinger" is a term typically used for couples who are openly intimate with more than one partner.

About two dozen protesters stood outside the building last night where they say deviant sexual behavior was going on.

The protesters say they plan to continue demonstrating each night a party goes on until the establishment is closed down.

The building owners are responding with a written statement this evening...

It says, "There is nothing illegal going on in this building.  The donation at the door helps take care of building payments, utilities, taxes, and the up keep on the building.

Activities that happen at the building during these parties is between consenting adults. There is no pressure. It's a place for like minded adults to meet and socialize without judgement."

In an exclusive interview tonight at ten hear from a former swinger who says he was a part of the club for nearly three years.

He shares his experiences at the parties and what he says went on inside the building.