Your Top Clicks in 2008

With 2008 behind us, NewsChannel 10 is bringing you the top local stories of the year ranked by website viewer hits.

Local criminal investigations topped this year's NewsChannel 10 viewer list. The story that received the most views happened at the end of March when an Amarillo man was found not guilty of possession of three grams of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Defendant Tim Stevens says, "I don't think they have to worry about it being a free for all. You know, pot heads, OK. It's not about that." This case is the first of its kind in the state.

In May, The smoking ban initiative was voted down for a second time in Amarillo.

In June, the low water levels of lake meredith revealed a 24 year old missing plane.

Less than two weeks later a Curry County Inmate escaped from the jail while on a trip to the dentist. The inmate was captured a month later.

The most recent top story happened in December and questioned the validity of the City of Amarillo's red light cameras.

A Dallas lawyer filed a federal class action lawsuit against the american traffic solution, or ATS, the camera camera company.

The results of the investigation are pending.