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NM Minimum Wage Goes Up Nearly a Dollar

Tom Martin, Taco Box Tom Martin, Taco Box
Chris Bryant, Foxy's Drive-In Chris Bryant, Foxy's Drive-In

A New Year brings more money for New Mexico workers.

The minimum wage is nearly a dollar more, effective January 1st. The New Mexico minimum wage is now $7.50. To put that into perspective, the Federal minimum wage is currently $6.55 and its going up to $7.25 in July.

David Villegas is the Taco Box's newest employee. He's only been working there a week and believe it or not, he's already received a raise. Talk about good timing on his part.

As of January 1st, David, along with every other minimum wage worker in New Mexico, will be making ninety-five cents more per hour. he says, "Considering everything being so high price anyways, a dollar you know helps as much as it can." That money has to come from somewhere though.

"Its a big hit in a short period of time." Taco Box owner Tom Martin estimates this wage increase will cost his restaurant $60,000 a year. And that means changes are on the way. "We have to raise prices, cut hours, not hire, look for different technology. We've actually found a way we can replace an employee, or rather two employees through mechanization."

Things aren't any better at at Foxy's Drive-In in Clovis either. 90% of the workers will be affected by the wage increase. Owner Chris Bryant says, "We have made some menu changes and you know we're gonna make some internal changes as far as the hours that maybe some of our employees are working, look at the hours that we're actually open."

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