New Year's Eve Spending Bleak.. Cash In On Specials

Chip Chandller, The Amarillo Symphony
Chip Chandller, The Amarillo Symphony

People are expected to spend less at Amarillo events this new year's eve compared to previous years. You can take advantage of their low expectations for the holiday.

Local bar managers and event coordinators are expecting to stay busy for New Year's Eve.   Even with high expectations on the turn out, Bar manager Donna Deleon has low expectations for sales. "They Probably spend less. It'll probably be one of those evenings that you know we think we would run a certain amount but it's going to be lower, Deleon said.

With a slipping economy, many are saving money and opting out of a night out on the town.  Bar patron, Dave Veale says he will hit happy hour and head home, "Yeah pretty much just staying home... Just saving money being safe."

For those who are still venturing out, local bars are offering incentives to get you in the door.   At the the Whiskey River, Deleon says they are adding a few perks for their patrons. "We're going to supply party favors and the champagne don't think we're going to do confetti this year," she said.

Even the Amarillo Symphony is offering discounts for their New Year's Eve event, "Uncorked".  Chip Chandler with the Amarillo Symphony says prices are down for tickets, "We've dropped the prices, so we've got a bargain basement prices of $45. Includes all the drinks concert , food, party. All the music and all the fun," Chandler said.

Regardless where you welcome in 2009 some still have high expectations, "I think we are going to have a good turn out. Not as excellent we might have hoped, but it's still going great, still a great party," Chandler said.

A good start to a new year where businesses and patrons are preparing for a better economy.  Local drink and restaurant sales are expected to be down this year by 5%, according to the food and beverage industry. Bar managers and event coordinators hope tonight's turn out will give them the boost they need into the new year.