How to Stay Out of Debt in 2009

Dale Buckner, Asset Planning Group
Dale Buckner, Asset Planning Group

Money issues are topping the list for 2009 New Year's resolutions.

*Start with your credit cards.

Get all your credit card statements out and list the accounts, what the interest rate is, and what the minimum payment is.

Pay off the cards that are maxed out first, and then pay off the cards with the highest interests rates.

Now is also the time to make a family plan to keep you out of debt this new year.

Dale Buckner of Asset Planning Group says, "Having a crisis is not always bad. Sometimes that's the best thing. Sit down with the whole family discuss the fact that you have a problem. And figure out...everybody agrees how to get out of it."

Buckner says once you pay off your credit card do not cancel it. Instead put it in a drawer and leave it there.

The more credit you have access to, even if you do not use it, raises your credit score.

If you want to continue using credit cards call the companies and tell them you have offers for cards with a lower interest rate. If you have paid regularly they are likely to negotiate.

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