Bail Jumpers: Davis & Ruiz

One bail jumper is accused of carrying guns and drugs and the other stealing by writing bad checks. That is why bond agents are asking the community to keep an eye out for this week's bail jumpers.

The search is on for two suspects that bond agents and police say pose a threat to the Amarillo area, which is forcing bond agents to take action searching for bail jumpers wanted out of Potter County.

David Ruiz has been convicted of theft by check. He's been to court, checked in but never showed up for a second court date... Shocking bond agent Shawn Galmore. "He was very aware that he had a court date and actually one of the bondies that took care of his business so we we're really shocked he didn't go," Galmore said.

If he does not take care of his responsibilities, you could be stuck paying the cost of his bad check charges. "It hurts the whole community it hurts the people who bond him and the people he wrote the checks to," Galmore said.

Another suspect bond agents want to catch, before the kids head back to school is Halee Jo Davis. She was convicted of possessing a controlled substance and was out on probation.  Bond agent Connie Snider with BailMaxx Bonding said Davis was arrested again, for carrying a gun and controlled substance in a drug free zone. "There's just danger involved any way and when you add guns to that and put them in the area of children. That is certainly concerning... Should be for parents and me," Snider said.

Agents are having some success capturing local bail jumpers. After spending several weeks and the holiday searching for Jennifer Alvarado, bond agents arrested Alvarado on Sunday.

They say it is all thanks to those who are helping and turning in tips to local bond agents.

If you have any information on Halee Jo Davis, 5'2 180 pounds with brown hair and green eyes... Call BailMaxx Bonding at 351-0100.

If you have any information on David Ruiz, 5'7, 160 pounds, brown hair and green eyes call Bargain Bail bonds at 379-0036.