Mother of Slain Daughter Travels Country Advocating DNA Reform; Stops in Amarillo

A mother on a mission to catch her daughter's killer while raising awareness on DNA evidence is moving through the Panhandle region this weekend.

Maggie Zingman's daughter, Brittany Phillips, was raped and killed in her Tulsa home four years ago.

With about two thousand suspects ruled out and no leads on her killer, Zingman is traveling the country in her fourth "To Catch a Killer" caravan in two years.

This time, she is tackling the western part of the country talking to the public about the effectiveness of DNA swabbing when someone is arrested.

Zingman says, "say it catches a person on their third crime, if they had given DNA before, we would have been able to stop them because they are often caught and when the DNA is taken we find they've committed 15 or 20 different crimes."

Zingman says since so many local suspects have been ruled out in Brittany's murder, her killer could have traveled on I-40 right through Amarillo.  There are two different traces of DNA in Brittany's murder, but neither has turned up any matches when run through a national DNA database of suspects.  Zingman also says DNA backlogs have hindered progress on the investigation.

She says if DNA were taken at the time of a suspect's arrest, the chances of solving cases like Brittany's would go up exponentially.

Zingman adds, "if the DNA is a sure match and we find he's done multiple crimes, we could have prevented the third and second crime."

From here, Zingman plans to take her cause to Santa Fe, Denver, and maybe even California.

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