After Christmas Shopping

Brian Giffin, General Manager of Westgate Mall
Brian Giffin, General Manager of Westgate Mall

The day after Christmas is normally a mad house of shoppers looking to cash in on those "after the holiday" sales.

A steady stream of traffic. But no pushing or shoving or crazy lines to stand in. That's what we and many customers found this morning at several area retailers.

Both Freida Toler and Ruston Scarbrough expected to fight the crowds.. But both admit they had little competition.

Toler says, "No, I thought there would be more people. I got early and I thought there would be a lot more people so I wanted to get my shopping done first, but I'm surprised."

Scarbrough says, "I expected it to be a lot more people. I guess it's only 11 o'clock so people aren't out yet."

That's exactly the reason mall officials are giving for the slower but steady crowds. They say the afternoon and evening time will see the flood of shoppers.

Something those who woke up early anticipated.

Scarbrough says,"I won't be here, I came early to beat the rush. I was hoping there wouldn't be anybody here, less traffic."

A flood of shoppers has been on tap all season... And this mornings slow down doesn't reflect how many really waited in long lines this year.

General Manager of Westgate Mall, Brian Giffin says, "Actually our sales have been quite good. Better than last year. We have been real pleased. We were just hoping for it to be as good as last year, because last year was great. But we are very very happy with traffic and sales for 2008. We are up about 3.5-4%."

The shopping will only continue as those who unwrapped plastic hit the stores to spend it.

Toler says, "I get gift cards and I like to use my gift cards after Christmas, clearance shop."

Major retailers are keeping their extended holiday hours through the next few days to give shoppers a chance to catch those deals.