A Bond Agents Christmas Search

While most people are relaxing and enjoying the holiday... One local bond agent is taking advantage of this time of year, hunting down those who have skipped out on their bond requirements.

Once a week we give out information on bail jumpers throughout the Panhandle. One bond agents is spending his day going door-to-door this Christmas, a time he says is a great time to catch them at home.

Bond agent Ron Green is not spending his holiday with his family, his friends, but working trying to apprehend these suspects on Christmas. He is looking for 24 year-old Jennifer Alvarado who is wanted for not following her probation on felony drug possession and forgery charges. The other suspect green is looking for, 30 year old Christopher Cardenas. Another convicted felon on probation for drug possession charges. "People like that we need to get off the streets because not only are they stealing but dealing drugs. And drug dealers have no heart.. They will sell to kids sell to any body," Green said.

Green says Christmas is the best time of year to catch bail jumpers off guard, "Nobody thinks we're working for the holiday and I for one find it easier to catch somebody at mama's house on Christmas day".

There is a fifty-fifty chance of catching suspects on the holidays, According to Green.  he says going door-to-door is no guarantee he will catch a bail jumper. He feels better knowing he tried. While Green's search today was not as successful as he had hoped, you may be... Earning a reward for turning in tips to AllState Bail Bonds at (806) 379-6699.