Unsolved Murder Baffles Family, Investigators

Theresa Garcia
Theresa Garcia
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia
Lieutenant Gary Trupe
Lieutenant Gary Trupe

While many of us celebrate Christmas with our families, one Amarillo family still mourns a son they lost at this time last year.

You may remember in April Ryan's decomposed body was found near Givens Road off the Dumas highway, months after he was last seen.

This Christmas, his mother and investigators plead for information that would lead them to closure.

The case is difficult because 22-year-old Ryan Garcia faced mental challenges.  He had no set address, but roamed from place to place, all the while keeping in touch with family.

His mother says she last saw him about a week before Christmas last year.

Theresa Garcia says, "when he didn't show for Christmas I was getting worried because he'd show up a few days before and stay and then go somewhere else."

She held out hope a little longer for Ryan's return, but finally reported him missing in early January.  In April, he was found near Givens Road by a ranch hand.

Police have no leads on how Ryan went from the downtown area where he was last seen at Christmas time...to ending up along Givens Road in April.

The lack of information to share with Theresa Garcia is a burden investigators carry with a heavy heart.

Lieutenant Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes says, "we haven't been able to help her in that regard, and I feel bad about that, that we haven't been able to bring at least some kind of closure to her about her son's last hours.

But Trupe is convinced someone in town has the information needed to crack the case.  He says "I think someone knows what happened. Just tell us and we'll investigate and let the chips fall where they may and tell us that information."

Theresa says, "it can be anything that would help us find closure."

Lt. Trupe says his office is open through the holidays so if you have any information, you can call Special Crimes at 378-4268 or Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.

You can stay anonymous.