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New Trend In Homeless, Not Really Homeless

Homeless Man Homeless Man
Major Tim Grider Major Tim Grider

More people are heading to Amarillo homeless shelters who may not be homeless at all.  Close to 20% of the people staying in local shelters are there because of improper maintenance at the home they rent.

Salvation Army Major Tim Grider says he is seeing an increasing number of families forced from their homes during cold weather.   "We're going to have to decide if that increase is what we can do because our facilities are strictly for those who are homeless for what ever reasons. It grows especially during the winter," Grider said.  

While Major Grider says this is an issue that can't be avoided. Some say the part-time homeless are putting an unnecessary strain on those who need it the most.

One homeless man said,  "There's people that get frustrated over these things and get ready to fight these things.  I think they need to go back home and give these people who don't have any where to go their spot back cause there are people sleeping in the streets in cardboard boxes".

Major Grider says nobody should have to sleep in the cold, so area agencies are working with shelters and services to see what can be done to help those with homes and those with out.  

According to Grider, helping those with homes costs thousands of dollars and puts a strain on the budgets of all area agencies.

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