Randall County Courthouse Restoration Moving Forward

Over half a million dollars in tax payer money is going toward restoration of the Randall County 1909 Courthouse.

Commissioners approved full restoration at their meeting today.

But where is that money coming from? It's been seven weeks since voters narrowly approved the ballot measure to use tax dollars to restore the 1909 courthouse.

And now the Commissioners Court unanimously approved the plan to restore the building.

Commissioner Robert Karrh was absent from today's meeting.

The exterior restoration will cost taxpayers anywhere from 580 to 650 thousand dollars.

"Our assurance as a commissioners court is that we don't have to spend any money we don't have to spend. We've always been conservative and we're going to continue to save the tax dollars," said Commissioner Skip Huskey.

Initially the money is most likely going to come out of the county's general fund for the exterior restoration.

But funding the on-going construction will be an issue commissioner Huskey says the court will address early next year. The project is slated to start as early as January 19th.

Commissioners say once exterior restoration is complete, they will then look in to additional funding from the state and private donors before the interior restoration moves forward.