Christmas for Teens

Pastor Tommy Fulgham
Pastor Tommy Fulgham

Several area teenagers, who would normally go without gifts, have Christmas presents tonight thanks to a local charity.

The program, Christmas for Teens, allows those 13 to 18 in our area to pick out presents at a local store.

Officials say it's important to make sure children of all ages have a gift on Christmas.

Pastor Tommy Fulgham with Generation Next Worship Center says, "There's tons of other cool outreach programs that help the younger kids. But there's nothing really geared towards teenagers. We wanted to be able to step outside and help teenagers this time of year. They get to come here and shop for clothes, shoes things of that nature. They get to spend 50 bucks, which is tax free, which is really awesome."

This year more than 200 teens were helped by the program.

Fulgham says they would love to double that number next Christmas.