Get Cash For Your Old Electronics

You may want to think twice before throwing away your old gadgets and replacing them with new ones underneath the Christmas tree.

In this week's Consumer Watch10 Report, Kristen Guilfoos shows you that your used electronics could be worth money, even hundreds of dollars.

From cell phones to iPods and GPS systems to cameras, You're ready for a new one, but there are lots of companies out there who want your old ones.

They'll either re-sell them as is, or use the parts to build another one. I came across six or seven web sites that allow you to trade your old gadgets for cash, but there are two that I found to be the most user and

Let's get started. On Sears, you'll have to rate your item's condition and list any damages. Throw in some accessories like power cords or headphones and you'll get more money.

Seconds later, you'll see their offer. If you like their price, ship it in, and find a Sears gift card in your mailbox in about a week. How much money are we talking about? A 4GB iPod Nano in excellent condition goes for 50 dollars. You will pay 91 dollars for a year old Tom-Tom GPS system. Even broken items are worth something, how about 27 dollars for a non-working PlayStation 3.

If you're looking to cash in on old cell phones and iPods head to

In most cases, you will need a serial number to get a quote. Other than that, it works the same as Sears. A word to the wise though, the trade in value you're quoted is not set in stone. Both websites have the right to re-evaluate their offer once they've actually seen the item. Sears says they'll let you know if the offer changes and even ship the item back if you if you don't like the new quote.

With Flipswap, though, there's no turning back. Once you've shipped the item, you have to take whatever they'll give you.

Here are some other websites that allow you to trade in your gadgets for cash: