DPS Patrols Beefed Up

Trooper Gabriel Medrano
Trooper Gabriel Medrano

The state is hot on the tracks of those not buckling up... With a lead foot, or hitting the bar without a safe ride home.

More than 28 thousand tickets were handed out last year across the state during the same period.

And with every available trooper on duty through new years... Local authorities hope for the same results.

From now until January second.. More troopers will be patrolling the streets.

Trooper Gabriel Medrano says, "They are taking troopers out of drivers license offices.. And public information officers a like and we are all going out on the road this weekend."

Last year in Texas more than three thousand tickets were handed out to those not buckled in...

A big problem around the holiday's is traveling with sleepy kids who want to stretch out and unbuckle.

Medrano says, "If you have kids and they are sleepy, you have to have them buckled up regardless. Not only for their safety but for everyone's safety out there."

Trooper Medrano says he hopes drivers take heed now.

"We are just hoping people take the warnings and they see all the black and whites out there on the road and they buckle up their children as well as themselves."

Nearly a thousand drivers received a shiny pair of handcuffs as a present last year for drinking and driving..

Trooper Medrano says be safe this year and get a cab or designated driver.

The Amarillo Police Department has already beefed up patrols for the holiday's..

There are extra forces out on city streets to ensure safety, and we are told those officers are also targeting speeders, drunk drivers, and those not wearing their seat belts..