Family Violence Cases Spike During Holidays

Angie Stovall, Crisis Services Coordinator
Angie Stovall, Crisis Services Coordinator

It's an alarming trend happening right here in the Texas Panhandle... More child abuse and family violence cases are being reported now than at the same time last year.

We spoke with the folks at Family Support Services in Amarillo who say their Crisis Shelter is seeing a steady influx of people needing help, as opposed to previous years, when attendance drops during the holiday season. The shelter manager says the economy and holiday stress are causing this spike in abuse. Child abuse usually goes up in December as well.

Crisis Services Coordinator Angie Stovall comments, "Children are more likely to be sexually abused, of course, family violence as well, with people that they know, people in their families and people in their social circles, so it is more likely that they will be abused over the holidays than maybe throughout the year."

More children are abused during the holidays, but they often don't report it until January, in an effort to keep Christmas pleasant.