New Nursing Homes Ratings

Choosing a nursing home could now be easier for your family.

A new report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is rating nursing homes across the country based on a new five-star system. The report looks at three different criteria: health inspections, nursing home staff and overall quality.

In our area, most nursing homes received high scores. But some scored below average on several of the report's quality measures.

"Quality of care is one of the big issues. The staffing ratio, so you are able to take care of people. [The Health Inspection category] breaks it down to dressing people, bed sores, stuff like that," said Chad Waite, Administrator at Craig Methodist nursing home, which received a high score on the report.

The report used three years of health inspection data, consumer surveys and staffing ratios to rate the nursing homes.

To compare nursing homes in our area, visit the center's website