Snow Plow Training

While there is not any snow in the immediate forecast, TxDOT is making sure the snow plow drivers are prepared for the next winter blast. This is the the first year TxDOT invested in virtual reality snow plow training.

Sixty six snow plow drivers from Amarillo and Childress sat behind the wheel of a virtual snow plow machine over the past week. It looks like something straight out a video game, but in reality, it's teaching the drivers how to handle the icy roads and dangerous conditions.

TxDOT says the biggest benefit to this new virtual training system is it's risk free.

MRPI Training Specialist Michael Griffin says, "we can create anything that could be a hazard out on the roads out there we can redo in here. The advantage in here is there's no cost, there's no expense, there's no wreck, there's no fuel wasted. It's a lot safer environment."

TxDOT is renting the machine to train area drivers. The cost for that is about $20 thousand, or $300  per driver. If TxDOT were to buy the simulation machine, it would cost upwards of $200,000.