Amarillo Officer Remembered

Dozens of Panhandle residents came together today to honor the memory of an Amarillo Police officer.

Newschannel 10 went to Quanah for the funeral of Officer Mark Simmons who died earlier this week to complications of an on duty accident.

The funeral procession stretched for seven miles along Highway 287 early this morning.

In addition to several law enforcement agencies community members gathered to honor officer Simmons. The service for 31-year-old Simmons was held at the First United Methodist Church, followed by a grave side salute with full police honors.

Simmons served just over three years of active duty for APD and his fellow patrolmen remember him fondly.

APD Detective and Chaplain Kyle Hawley says, "He's a very good officer. He received accommodations from our department. He received accommodations from the citizens, from the government. So he was very well liked among the officers."

To honor the sacrifices of the Simmons family, the Panhandle Patriot Guard Riders lined the grave site with American flags.

Member Dave Griminger says, "Being law enforcement he risked his life everyday. He made the ultimate sacrifice. Us standing out here in the brutal wind is a small sacrifice compared to what this family has given up today."

Officer Hawley says having such a large attendance of officers at the funeral demonstrates what law enforcement truly represents.

"It shows our brotherhood, shows how we like to support one another. Once you put the badge on you become a brother and you're there to support one another in the worst of times and the best of times."

Simmons was 28-years-old when he received major spinal cord and brain injuries from an accident in March of 2005 while on duty.