Residents Give Plasma for Cash this Christmas

The need for quick holiday cash in a struggling economy has some trading some of their red for green.

At 30 or 50 bucks a pop... Combined with the fact that you can donate twice in seven days... The answer to being a little short on cash this holiday season is just roll up your selves.

John Tatum has been donating for years. "When I need extra money it's a good way of doing it."

While Will Herring is new to the process.

"You can net about 240 dollars a month or so and you get 50 dollars I believe for your first two times and that's not too bad."

Residents are lining up to give back and cash in.

"It's picked up a lot. They have waiting lines." Tatum says.

The process takes about two hours your first time.

This machine separates your red blood cells and your plasma and then returns the blood back to your body.

Herring says, "It's just a little pinch and they stick the needle in and that's about it."

While they are getting cash back, both Tatum and Herring say it makes them feel good to do something that is going to help those in need.

"It helps a lot of people, your not just filling your pocket book your helping people when you do it." Tatum says.

A reminder of what the holiday's are all about.

Officials say the process requires a test for disease and HIV, plus an extensive medical history report.

Patients must have not gotten a tattoo in the past year, must weigh more than 110 pounds and be at least 18.